One Person. One Act. One Download

Ayudar a que el mundo funcione mejor comienza con una persona, un acto, una sola descarga.

  • Es posible impactar positivamente una crisis humanitaria de esta magnitud, con un pequeño esfuerzo de mucha gente.
  • Donaciones pequeñas de un número masivo de personas pueden generar un tremendo impacto.
  • Hay más de 800 millones de usuarios de iTunes, todos ellos tienen el poder de ayudar con un pequeño gesto.
  • La música une a las personas, independientemente de nacionalidades y culturas.

What is the One4 Project?
The largest humanitarian crisis since World War II is happening right now in Europe. Millions of refugees displaced from their homes are looking for a new start. The One4 Project symbolizes the power that people – one by one – have when they collectively focus an issue that is bigger than any one company, organization, or country can address on their own. It’s about starting one at a time and building mass – one person, one act, one download. The possibilities represented by One4 are endless: #One4 hope, one for a new beginning, or one for peace.

By choosing to download “I Was Me” by the Imagine Dragons on iTunes, people can both purchase an incredibly moving song and make a statement that they are choosing one download in support of a cause. There are an unlimited number of reasons that motivate people to support this effort this cause.

The One4 project is jointly supported by Imagine Dragons and SAP, each of whom believe that those with ample resources are responsible for using those resources for a greater purpose. In addition to the donated proceeds from the song downloads, SAP is matching 10 cents for every iTunes download, up to the first 5 million downloads.

How can people support the One4 Project?
Supporting the One4 Project is simple. Supporters can log onto iTunes to download “I Was Me” by Imagine Dragons. Further, everyone who believes in the purpose of the project can visibly show their support by joining the #One4 social campaign and sharing what motivates them to rally around this cause. We’ve started snapping photos of people declaring #One4 peace… hope…love… a new pair of shoes… a new beginning. Those compelled to make additional financial donations can do so directly with UNHCF on its website,

What does the song ‘I Was Me’ mean?
Quote from press release: “The refugee crisis is incredibly urgent in terms of the number of vulnerable people being affected every single day. As a band we wanted to get involved and decided to partner with SAP and Apple to try and make a difference,” said Dan Reynolds, lead singer of Imagine Dragons. “‘I Was Me’ is a song about trying to regain your life, which is exactly what millions of people are going through right now. Whether it is by downloading this track or by other means, we hope people everywhere recognize the severity of the situation and find a way to assist these families in desperate need.”

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