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SAP Next-Gen
academy for experience management
in partnership with Deloitte


The SAP Next-Gen program and Deloitte are launching an academy with its first focus on experience management linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), covering eight locations worldwide. The SAP Next-Gen academy for experience management brings together academics, corporations, startups, accelerators, partners and experts to transform industries and turn brands into movements and experiences that scale impact for the SDGs and drive purpose.

The academy for experience management will be kicked off in New York City followed by seven academies in Mexico City, Paris, Bangalore, Walldorf, São Paulo, Singapore, and Moscow from October to December 2019.

With expert insights and thought leadership sessions, professors and lecturers, industry professionals and entrepreneurs learn that the ways customers experience products and brands with purpose, as well as the experiences of employees, are just as vital to organizational success as operational efficiency.

Education talks explore the experience economy, where winners and losers of the future will be determined by the experiences they provide, and how technology is making it easier than ever for organizations to manage the experiences with their customers, employees, products and brand and where SDGs come first.

Learning objectives include understanding the essential role of experience management and how combining experience data (X-data) with operational data (O-data) can inform and close experience gaps; and gaining exposure to Experience Management solutions from SAP.

Topics include the fundamentals of experience management; X data vs O data; the experience economy; the four pillars of experience management (XM): Customer XM, Product XM, Brand XM and Employee XM; introduction to survey development and design; overview of analyzing X data to close experience gaps; and an introduction to the Qualtrics iQ predictive intelligence engine.

And as a participant in the academy, you learn how you can join with SAP and Deloitte in supporting the 17 UN SDGs and become part of transforming industries by turning brands into movements and experiences that scale impact for the SDGs.

Academics, industry professionals, entrepreneurs and partners are welcome to attend one of the academies for experience management being offered at SAP Leonardo Centers and other locations around the world: New York City, USA; Mexico City, Mexico; Paris, France; Bangalore, India; Walldorf, Germany; São Paulo, Brazil; Singapore; and Moscow, Russia.

There is no cost to register or attend an academy on experience management; however, attendees need to cover their own travel, lodging, and other expenses.

Learn more and register here. Registrations close when capacity is reached.

We look forward to hosting you at one of our academies soon where you can learn how with Experience Management solutions from SAP, businesses can connect X-data with O-data, gaining insights that enable improved decision making that can turn customers into fanatics, products into obsessions, employees into ambassadors and brands into movements.


Best regards,

Ann Rosenberg
Senior Vice President for UN Partnerships at SAP & Global Head of SAP Next-Gen SAP Next-Gen is a Purpose Driven Innovation University and Community linked to the UN Global Goals