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Many industries require analytics capabilities to visualize, analyze, plan, and predict huge amounts of data from various data sources. Until now, these capabilities where often achieved with on-premise business warehouse infrastructures. But with SAP Cloud Platform we have an enterprise platform-as-a-service, with comprehensive application development services and capabilities. It enables customers to achieve business agility, create a truly integrated and optimized enterprise, and accelerate digital transformation across the business – all without the requirement of maintaining or investing in on-premise infrastructure.


In this course, you’ll learn about the different analytics services that SAP Cloud Platform offers, and what it takes to build your own analytical dashboards in the cloud.

In the first week, you’ll get an overview of SAP Cloud Platform and the different analytics services it offers. You’ll also see two examples of integration services available to get data from different data sources into your database. The second week is around SAP HANA as a database on SAP Cloud Platform. You’ll learn what makes SAP HANA special as a database, and how modeling works inside SAP HANA.

The third week focuses on SAP Analytics Cloud. Built on SAP Cloud Platform, this is one of the most widely used analytics services. You’ll learn what SAP Analytics Cloud is, and the opportunities it offers for building analytical dashboards and getting more insights into any kind of data. The last week is around the additional services SAP Cloud Platform offers to get more analytical insights into your data.


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