Are VAT managers doing enough for compliant eArchiving?

The tax landscape has changed over the last 10 years with the digitization of tax and is now impacting your core financial systems more than ever. Just in the last year we saw 16+ eInvoicing mandates around the world adding more pressure to put forward a centralized compliant eArchiving strategy. This trend will only continue to increase.

Most enterprises already have one or several solutions for storing electronic data and documents. Such applications include excellent features; however, when storing electronic invoices and similar legal critical documents, such solutions may not offer the appropriate things such as:

  • the appropriate monitoring of legal requirements
  • specific regulatory compliance features
  • documentation that is needed for multi-country legal archiving

Sovos’ Global Compliant eArchiving offering, is the only solution in the marketplace that is able to consolidate your global archiving needs, to a single global archiving platform, that guarantees archiving compliance via a single API in over 60 territories and growing.


Stay compliant and keep your business running smoothly with a global compliant eArchive. Schedule a free consultation with one of our eArchiving experts today.